Altruist and Seeds Partner To Help Advisors Deliver a More Meaningful Investing Experience

Altruist and Seeds Partner To Help Advisors Deliver a More Meaningful Investing Experience

By partnering, Altruist and Seeds will sync profound client understanding with advanced automation, empowering advisors to deeply assess investors, seamlessly deliver custom portfolios in Altruist accounts, and engage investors with meaningful portfolio insights. The Seeds’ platform delves into clients' preferences and values, offering tailored strategies, while Altruist ensures streamlined execution. Our joint effort goes beyond investment management; it fosters deeper client relationships, aligns financial strategies with personal convictions, and champions meaningful investing.
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Seeds was founded by financial advisors who saw a new generation of investors, ones requiring a more meaningful experience around investing. That’s why they built Seeds, which empowers advisors to better assess investor behaviors, values, and interests, leading to custom portfolios and engaging insights–all in one digital solution. 

Enter Altruist, a visionary in the financial custodian space and the first fully-integrated digital brokerage platform for financial advisors who put their clients first. Altruist combines a self-clearing brokerage with software for account opening, trading, reporting, and billing to create an all-in-one investment platform for financial advisors. 

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Altruist and Seeds. This collaboration gives Altruist advisors exclusive access to the Seeds platform, allowing them to understand investors three-dimensionally and recommend a personalized portfolio before implementing the proposed strategies on the Altruist Model Marketplace.

Seeds and Altruist support your journey in offering unparalleled financial advisory services. Now, with the combined might of both our platforms, advisors are poised to elevate their businesses, merging personalized portfolio construction with automation at scale.

What does this mean for your day-to-day interactions with clients? Expect to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time doing what you do best: offering exceptional, personalized financial advice. Both Seed’s and Altruist’s commitment to continuous technological advancement ensures you are always at the forefront of industry innovations, offering the modern, seamless financial management experience your clients seek.

We are excited to bring this powerful partnership to our network of advisors. 

Join us for a deeper dive

We invite you to sign up for our live webinar scheduled for November 15th. Zach Conway, our Founder and CEO, will be presenting on our new partnership with Altruist and further demonstrating how we empower advisors to make investing more meaningful, intentional, and personal.