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Through personal stories from the start-up world, co-hosts Zach Conway, CEO and Founder of Seeds Investor, and Kelsey McKenna, Head of  Strategy and Experience, offer an insider perspective on honing big ideas into business realities. Tailored for financial advisors, the show serves as a roadmap for entrepreneurship, from initial concept development to effective implementation strategies. Each episode is a blend of personal anecdotes, professional insights, and practical tips, making it an invaluable resource for advisors at any stage of their career, eager to build and refine their businesses from the ground up.

Zach Conway
Kelsey McKenna

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This is a promotional graphic for a production titled 'From the Ground Up.' The image features an aerial view of a cityscape with various buildings in green, orange, and white colors pointing towards the center of the image. The buildings' tops are surrounded by a light blue sky with small, sketch-like birds flying between them. The title text is in the center in bold, green font, and below it reads 'a PodPony production.' At the top, in smaller white text, it states 'Brought to you by Seeds Investor.' The overall style is playful and artistic, suggestive of growth and development.