What's new for Seeds? March Product Updates

What's new for Seeds? March Product Updates

Enhancements to Seeds Investment Models, our New Index Series, and upgraded features to the Seeds platform. Our March product updates allow advisors to meet a wider range of client needs!
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We are excited to announce some significant updates made to our investment portfolio offerings in the month of March.

New Index Series Launch:

We launched an Index SMA Series designed to provide diversified exposure to asset classes using single stocks while closely tracking relevant benchmarks. The strategies include index-like exposure to U.S. Large Cap, U.S. Mid Cap, U.S. Small Cap, and Developed Ex-U.S.

Each strategy has been tailored to minimize tracking error against benchmarks, with competitive investment minimums. These updates cater to those seeking market-like returns through a passive investment approach, when values-alignment is less important to the end investor.

Enhancing our SMAs:

In addition to these new strategies, we enhanced our Values SMA Series to not only feature stronger earth, people, and integrity (EPI) profiles but also improve benchmark tracking within each exposure. We believe these enhancements will be a big win for outward-facing investors looking to influence positive EPI changes aligned with their own financial goals.

We also specifically enhanced the existing U.S. Large Cap SMA by lowering the total amount of stocks within the strategy, reducing the minimum, and at the same time enhancing its optimization to the benchmark.

It's important to note that both our Values and Index Funds Series, which exclusively hold mutual funds and ETFs, will remain unchanged, continuing to offer broad, diversified global market exposure for smaller account sizes.

We have included a visual describing these changes, which can be seen below.

Technology & Efficiency:

All of these advancements have been made possible by our proprietary optimization technology. This will allow us to meet a wider range of client needs in the future, including thematic or factor investment options.

For our advisors using Charles Schwab and Fidelity as custodians, our platform will continue to provide both tax transition and tax loss harvesting capabilities for taxable accounts, along with automated rebalancing within unified managed accounts (UMAs).

Platform Upgrades

The Account Level Proposal update allows you to add individual accounts to your Seeds proposal. You can specify the name, value, and account type and then set the proposed allocation for the account. All accounts added will be reflected in the overall proposed portfolio allocation.

Account-by-Account Level Proposal Options

You now have the ability to specify how each account is to be invested, making it easier to share the details of your plan in the proposal meeting. As you prepare your portfolio proposal for the client, you will be able to adjust account allocations and see how they impact the overall portfolio proposal.

Did you catch our March Webinar?

Hosted by Zachary Conway, CEO & Founder at Seeds, watch this on-demand webinar to learn about how to grow your business by putting the prospective clients you want to serve at the center of an investing experience.

In the session, we’ll cover:

  • Tactics on attracting your ideal prospects with a differentiated investing experience
  • Spending less time on burdensome investment management processes
  • Using assessment techniques to better understand investors
  • Delivering personalized portfolios and engagement

Of course, we’ll also show you how our tools will help to bring these ideas to life. Participants will get an insider walkthrough of our platform, outlining the lead-to-closing process. Zach will also delve into future tech updates as well as sharing the “why” behind these new features.