From the Ground Up: Episodes 6-10

From the Ground Up: Episodes 6-10

Tune in as Zach Conway and Kelsey McKenna host insightful conversations with Michael Batnick, Jamie Hopkins, and other industry leaders on the "From the Ground Up" podcast.
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Join Zach and Kelsey on From the Ground Up as they explore essential topics for financial advisors: tech stacks for growth, overcoming early career burnout, bridging generational gaps, fostering sustainable culture, and finding your niche.

Episode 6: Picking the Right Tech Stack to Grow your Business

Struggling to choose the best tech stack for your business? Zach and Kelsey discuss the pivotal moments and strategic choices that led to building an investment platform with the client's journey at its core, emphasizing the profound impact of aligning technology with human relationships.

Episode 7: Overcoming the Burnout Odds: Creating Early Momentum with Scrappy Sales

The beginning of a financial advisor's career can be tough. Zach and Kelsey offer a candid look at those early, challenging days, sharing true stories and hard-earned wisdom. What's truly required to survive the crucial first three years?

Episode 8: Bridging the Gap: Addressing the Generational Divide in Financial Advisory with Jamie Hopkins

There's a very clear CFP educational and training path. When it comes to financial advising, the path becomes murkier. With a curriculum that is anti-sales, it leaves students without the training they need to be successful. And with many advisors nearing retirement, the need to attract new talent is more pressing than ever. Jamie Hopkins Esq., joined "From the Ground Up" to share his insights on how students and educational institutions need to hone their selling skills to make it in the industry.

Episode 9: Culture over Quantity: Building a System of Sustainable Growth with Michael Batnick

You may know Michael Batnick and his peers at Ritholtz Wealth Management from their hit podcasts, newsletters, and media appearances. You might think that type of exposure drives the firm's success. While it's important, Batnick joins "From the Ground Up" to share how, beyond the media exposure, it's the right systems, processes, and, most importantly, culture that really drive their success.

Episode 10: Niching Down to Scale Up: How To Find Your Right Niche with Guillaume Decalf

Some advisors can't imagine choosing a niche, fearing they will lose out on clients. Yet Guillaume Decalf shares how many advisors already have a niche without even knowing it. We welcomed our first client to the podcast for good reason. Decalf has found great success in niching. He only serves one client group: French Americans as they navigate retirement across different financial systems and separate continents. This episode covers the benefits of offering specialized advice and provides actionable tips for identifying and engaging your ideal clients.

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Co-hosts Zachary Conway, founder & CEO at Seeds, and Kelsey McKenna, Head of Strategy & Experience, offer an insider perspective on honing big ideas into business realities. They go beyond the typical tactical advice for advisors, instead focusing on how advisors can apply a start-up mindset and foundational business principles that any company needs to be successful.