Introducing our podcast, "From the Ground Up!" Available on Apple, Spotify, & YouTube

Introducing our podcast, "From the Ground Up!" Available on Apple, Spotify, & YouTube

The Seeds Investor podcast, “From the Ground Up,” launched in January! Here’s a recap of the first five episodes.
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If you haven’t heard, we launched a podcast in January! Today, we’re sharing a recap of the first 5 episodes from our podcast, "From the Ground Up."

Co-hosts Zachary Conway, founder & CEO at Seeds, and Kelsey Mckenna, Head of Strategy & Experience, offer an insider perspective on honing big ideas into business realities. They go beyond the typical tactical advice for advisors, instead focusing on how advisors can apply a start-up mindset and foundational business principles that any company needs to be successful.

This podcast serves as a tailored roadmap for advisors.

From initial firm development to effective implementation strategies, each episode combines personal anecdotes, professional insights, and practical tips – an invaluable resource for advisors eager to build and refine their businesses from the ground up.

Check out the summaries of the first five episodes.

Episode 1: From the Ground Up: Disrupting the Financial Advisory World with Seeds

Join Zach and Kelsey as they explore the transformation of financial advising. This episode delves into the human stories behind portfolios, the values driving investment choices, and the importance of a sleek digital experience for financial advisors and their clients. Discover how Seeds Investor can assess investors, personalize portfolios, and present engaging insights.

Episode 2: Beyond the Balance Sheet: The Art of Building Trust in Financial Planning

Performance metrics often take center stage in this industry, but that shouldn't be the case. Hear from Zach and Kelsey as they discuss how advisors can spotlight their true strengths and shift the focus back to crafting a client journey that resonates with their ideal client.

Episode 3: The Shift to Personalized Wealth Management

How can advisors ensure clients know they're more than just entries on a balance sheet? Zach and Kelsey examine why 90% of affluent investors are shifting away from legacy advisors and discuss the implications of personalized advising. You'll walk away with practical tips on optimizing processes and communication strategies, ensuring clients are heard and truly understood. 

Episode 4: Navigating Growth: Vision, Culture, and the Journey to Expansion

Ever wonder how firms transform into powerhouses? Discover the mindset and processes behind growth with insights from Jeff Weiner's 'vision to values' framework. With experience-based input, Zach and Kelsey offer up a practical blueprint for firms looking to cultivate a culture hungry for growth.

Episode 5: Unveiling the Full Spectrum of Financial Planning with Michael Conway

Cut through the complexity of holistic financial planning and discuss the multifaceted roles of advising with Michael Conway, CEO of Conway Wealth. As we delve into the complexity of holistic financial planning, learn how being your personal CFO can solidify your financial future.

Listen in as we grow together and gain valuable insights as we navigate the evolving future of financial advising. 🌱