What’s New: Viewing and Filtering Client Data

What’s New: Viewing and Filtering Client Data

We've rolled out some exciting updates to our platform, enhancing the way you interact with client data and manage portfolios. Here's a quick overview of what's new and how these changes can streamline your practice.
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The team has been diligently working on some exciting product updates, and we're thrilled to share what's new with you!

Household List Filter & Export:

  • What: Upon login, you will now see an updated Household dashboard, allowing advisors to filter the household list based on factors including Mindset, Risk Target, and Values Ranking. Advisors can also export the list for use in other tools.
  • Why: This functionality makes it easier for advisors to understand the makeup of their entire book of business and use these factors to engage with their clients in more tailored, meaningful ways.

Portfolio Chart Update:

  • What: The Portfolio Allocation chart has been updated to showcase the complete asset allocation and its related Risk Score in the center of the chart.  Hovering over the chart now shows where that Risk Score falls on the overall risk spectrum.
  • Why: We've integrated the asset allocation and Risk Score in a single view Based on advisor feedback. This allows advisors to better explain how each client's assessed Risk Score correlates to their proposed allocation.

Proposal Vault:

  • What: Advisors can now revisit their previously saved proposals through the "Proposal Vault" button located in the advisor panel on the left of the household. This button becomes visible when there are multiple saved proposals for a particular household. If an advisor is working on a draft proposal and would like to save it, they should click the Save Proposal button. The "Proposal Vault" then allows access to these saved proposals, including the initial recommendation automatically generated by Seeds, with options to print them as PDFs or generate a new draft based on the allocation of the historic proposal.
  • Why: It is helpful to be able to reference these historic proposals. Additionally, this feature is handy when presenting a proposal to a client and then needing to modify it based on their feedback or new information, allowing for a revised version that better meets the client's needs.

Insights Tab Updates:

  • What: The proposed portfolio’s sector breakdown is now available in a different graph on the insights tab.
    Why: This new arrangement distinctly separates the sector information from the portfolio's donut chart and makes it easier to read.  It also facilitates an easier comparison between a current portfolio and a proposed portfolio when viewed side by side.

🌱 Existing Seeds Advisors, reach out for a detailed walkthrough of these new features and learn how to effectively implement them in your practice.

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