What’s New: Going Beyond One-Dimensional Investor Profiling

What’s New: Going Beyond One-Dimensional Investor Profiling

In the Investor Assessment 3.0 release, we’ve made assessing your client three-dimensionally an even better experience.
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In this release, we’ve streamlined the design and updated the language of the assessment tool in response to user and expert feedback.

What’s new? 

  • The questions and answer options in the assessment have been rewritten for increased clarity and consistency to make guiding your client through the process even easier.
  • The look and feel of the assessment question cards have been streamlined so that you and your client can focus on what matters most.
  • The names of the Investor Mindset spectrums (found in the assessment results) have been updated to better reflect the qualities the assessment measures.

Why did we do it?

We started Seeds because, as advisors, we wanted to give clients a less transactional and more meaningful experience around investing.

That meant we needed to solve for three major problems:

  1. Our assessment process was one-dimensional,
  2. We offered one-size-fits-all portfolios, and
  3. We had boring, performance-focused storytelling.

We built Seeds to transform our investing process into an experience. That’s why Seeds allows advisors to:

  1. Deeply assess and understand an investor three-dimensionally,
  2. Deliver the custom portfolios that are aligned with what they care about, and
  3. Tell a more compelling story about what investors own and why they own it, reconnecting them to their money.

We are constantly innovating to improve upon that vision. That’s why we’re re-releasing our assessment tool, with brand new design, wording, and dynamics.

What interests your investor prospect? How do they want to be involved in the investing process? And, most importantly, how do they want to see their values aligned with their long-term objectives?

Is your client a Change Maker? That’s an investor who wants to truly know and prioritize how their dollars align with their values.

Is your client a Private Investigator? That investor wants to focus on financial objectives, and may want to be more hands-on in the investment process.

The more we know as advisors, the more we can put clients in the right portfolio and tell the right story.

If you’re an advisor looking to create a more meaningful investing experience, we’d love to connect.

-The Seeds Team