What’s New: Increased Investment Personalization

What’s New: Increased Investment Personalization

We're excited to introduce two significant updates to the Seeds' platform, enhancing the investment experience for both advisors and clients!
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In our fast-paced digital age, client expectations have shifted dramatically when it comes to investing with advisors. But with that change, advisors have the chance to position themselves as the premier choice by delivering a more meaningful, personalized investing experience. As advisors, we’ve always known that experience matters. Investing shouldn’t be the exception. Investing should go beyond charts and returns because, at its core, it reflects the client and how they view the world. That has always been the case, but now we have the opportunity to translate a client’s behaviors, interests, and values into the investment process. Before, advisors and clients didn’t have the option to build something deeply personalized and at scale.

Seeds is working to ensure clients don't simply invest but engage, resonate, and understand what their portfolio accomplishes for them, their families, and the causes they care about. With Seeds, we're setting a new standard for this personalized approach, allowing advisors to deeply connect with investors on their values and wealth goals. 

Building on this vision, we're excited to introduce two significant updates to the Seeds’ platform, enhancing the investment experience for both advisors and clients:

New Feature Spotlight:

  1. Greater Investment Flexibility:

Since each client’s financial goals, interests, and values differ, Seeds now offers more investment customization options to ensure advisors can easily deliver an investment proposal that meets any client's expectations. 

Based on the client’s answers to the Seeds assessment questions, a proposal is created that can be adjusted by the advisor, if needed, with just a few clicks. 

  1. Upgrading the Client Assessment: 

Your clients are unique, and their investment strategy should be, too. Now, Seeds' intake is smarter—posing a more dynamic flow of questions based on prior client inputs. Tailored advice starts with a tailored discovery. 

What This Update Means for Client Experience:

  • Richer Client Relations: Now more than ever, advisors have to go beyond the balance sheet. Dive into the values, interests, and passions of your clients.
  • Efficiency Meets Customization: Craft a diverse proposal in minutes: no cookie-cutter portfolios and no extra hours in the office. 
  • Elevated Client Engagement: It's not another investment strategy—it's a narrative. Seeds helps you tell the story of where your clients are going AND is there for advisors every step of the way.  From initial evaluations to sustained management, Seeds seamlessly integrates with an advisor's process.

With Seeds, advisors can better assess investors, personalize portfolios, and present engaging insights–all in one digital solution. Founded in 2019 to help advisors grow their business and better serve their clients, Seeds is an SEC-registered advisor that provides custom asset management experiences and services that help advisors know what matters most to their clients.

Seeds is led by a team deeply familiar with the financial services industry and together have decades of combined technology and institutional experience.