The Independent Assessment Link: a 2-in-1 Tool for Advisors

The Independent Assessment Link: a 2-in-1 Tool for Advisors

Seeds Investor is announcing our newest feature, the Independent Assessment Link— a versatile tool designed to both attract new clients and simplify client onboarding.
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Introducing the Independent Assessment Link, a dual-purpose tool for easy client onboarding and lead generation! Advisors can now invite investors to access the Seeds Assessment before a household has been created on the Seeds platform.

Two-In-One Tool:

  • Lead Magnet: The link introduces new clients to your firm's personalized investing philosophy and services. It will allow prospects to experience the assessment before their household is on the Seeds platform. 
  • Onboarding Simplified: For new and existing clients, this link provides an easy way to onboard onto the Seeds platform without the need for manual household additions. 

How It Works:

  • Your client or prospect clicks the link.
  • They enter their name and email.
  • They begin the Seeds assessment, exploring their financial goals, investor mindset, and values.
  • After completing the assessment, you are notified that their results are ready to view in the Seeds platform.

Generating Leads with a Lead Magnet: Your prospects can now experience personalized investing with Seeds before signing up. While it may seem counterintuitive, providing value to investors before they become clients is one of the most effective ways to establish trust and interest in your firm. Turn your audience into leads by embedding the assessment on your site, adding it to emails, or using it across your social media platforms. 

Effortless Onboarding: Ready to make onboarding a breeze— If you are an advisor who needs to move quickly and onboard numerous clients as soon as possible, the same link can offer a self-onboarding experience for new and existing clients.The Independent Assessment Link is our latest feature to enhance your client experience, reaffirming our mission to deliver a meaningful and personalized investment journey.

If you’re already a Seeds Advisor, you will receive a guide with the best practices to implement the Independent Assessment Link, including sample emails to send to your clients and sample copy for your landing pages and website.

Not a Seeds advisor yet? With a few spots available on the calendar before the holidays, now's the perfect time to set the stage for organic growth in 2024. Book a call here and let's work together to enhance your advisory practice!